Financial Management – The Logical Framework of Calls for Proposals

Event date 09/06/2020 • 10:00  −  09/06/2020 • 11:30
Entry FeeFree of charge

How does your team approach responding to calls for project co-financing? Do you always start by carefully reading and studying the instructions, guidelines and priorities of the call? Do you set realistic and measurable goals that you will achieve with the project? How much time do you need to prepare the financial structure of the project, and how do you arrange your partnerships?

Bojan Schuch, an international expert for strategic and financial development of organizations, will present a set of tips for effective project management.

Bojan Schuch, an international expert for strategic and financial development of organizations, will present a set of tips for effective project management: how to start the project application process, how to identify the most common mistakes in reading and understanding tender documents, and how to recognize good practices. As an experienced financial advisor, Mr Schuch will primarily provide guidelines for the process of project design, which you will be able to use even at later stages of project implementation.


The webinar is intended for individuals and organizations from the cultural and various creative sectors that are facing the challenges of project management in the phase of finding suitable tenders, and of submitting candidacies following increasingly selective international tender procedures. Participation in this hour-long webinar is therefore recommended for both beginners and more experienced professionals who wish to upgrade their skills in order to be able to navigate the increasingly complex universe of calls for proposals more easily and efficiently.

Further info: ines.kezman[at]

  • understanding call criteria and guidelines (how to read them, common oversights)
  • objectives and key indicators, concrete goals
  • project budget (avoiding mistakes, proper financial logic)
  • presentation of the organization’s experience
  • project partners: from letters of support or partnership agreements to cooperation
  • the organization’s financial capacity to carry out the project
About the lecturer:

Bojan Schuch, expert in financial management and strategic development, has more than twenty years of experience in the management of non-governmental organizations, extensive knowledge and an excellent overview of various co-financing programs in the Czech Republic (where he lives and works) in Central Europe, as well as at a broader international level. He focuses particularly on consulting organizations on efficient fundraising strategies and financial stabilization.

Between 1999 and 2011, he managed several human rights’ programmes in Civil Society Development Foundation, mostly in the field of civil and cultural dialogue. Between 2012 and 2018, he was Executive Director of the Institute of Documentary Film, with responsibility for administration and management and running of three well-known international audiovisual initiatives continuously supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA: market access and networking (East Doc Platform), alternative distribution of documentary films (KineDok) and audiovisual trainings (Ex Oriente Film). Mr Schuch provides consulting services in the field of strategic financial development to many civil and cultural organizations in the framework of his company ABBS.

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The seminars are part of a professional training series entitled “Beyond the Cultural Model” (BCM), which Motovila has been organizing since 2018 in cooperation with partners and international experts, this time in collaboration with the Centre for Creativity. BCM offers representatives of the Slovenian cultural and creative sectors the opportunity to test and adjust their way of working in order to achieve lasting effects in the future. Check out the full program here.

The training series is organized by the Motovila Institute as part of the activities of the Centre for Creativity Platform Partner Network. The project is co-financed by the EU (from the European Regional Development Fund) and the Republic of Slovenia.

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