Host: International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC)

Disciplines: visual arts (focus graphic arts); intermedia arts; interdisciplinary artistic practices, art critique and journalism; art theory
Location: Ljubljana
For: Slovenian and international artists and art collectives, professionals in the field of contemporary art (critics, curators, publicists…).
Duration: 1-2 months; the duration of the residency depends on the type of residency.

Description: The International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC) runs a residency programme at MGLC Švicarija, a residency and creative centre, which is located on the edge of the Tivoli, Rožnik and Šišenski hill Landscape Park and is the most central and nature-connected residency point in Ljubljana. The residency programme is aligned with the mission and activities of the MGLC, as well as with the participation in international projects and partnerships.

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[Photo: MGLC Švicarija, Jaka Babnik.]

Cooperation is available to international (and Slovenian) residents through international residencies based on open calls, inter-residency exchanges, project collaborations and curatorial invitations:

  • Residency of the Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts is intended for artists and curators participating in the Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts. The residents are selected based on MGLC’s invitation.
  • Master Printers residency is intended for artists who use traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques but are also interested in innovation in print. During their residency, the residents have access to the MGLC Print Studio at Tivoli Mansion. The residents are selected through an open call or based on MGLC’s invitation.
  • Residency for Critics is collaboratively run by MGLC and the Igor Zabel Association for Culture and Theory and is aimed at art critics or writers in the field of contemporary visual arts.
  • Residency at the end of the world is intended for a two-month reflection on the end of the world that can result in a new art production, a curatorial research or a theoretical reflection.
  • SUN Residency (skupnost, umetnost, narava = community, art, nature) offers professional visual artists the opportunity to make work, develop new ideas and reflect on their practice in the creative atmosphere of a historic building.
  • Inter-Residency Exchangesare developed bilaterally (e.g. with the MeetFactory residency centre in Prague) or in partnership (the Sustainability is in the AiR project, which links the MeetFactory residencies in Prague, the Matedero residency centre in Madrid, the MGLC Švicarija residency centre in Ljubljana and the Snehto residency centre in Athens).
  • Writer in the park residency is a collaboration between Ljubljana, UNESCO City of Literature, and MGLC, and is aimed at international literary creators.

MGLC Švicarija also hosts residents from Slovenia in two programmes on the basis of open calls for applications:

  • Artist work studios are intended for artists from the City of Ljubljana selected through an open call.
  • Residency for young artists are intended for young artists (up to 35 years of age) from Slovenia who are selected through an open call.

Costs to be covered: travel, accommodation, other (studios); costs to be covered in accordance with partnership agreements with other residency centres (inter-residency exchanges) or project collaborations.


  • 3 international residences or apartments with working studio and a living area (kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area).
  • 11 working studios (including 2 sculpture studios).
  • 2 residencies for young artists or apartments with a working studio and a living area (kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area).
  • The space is accessible to people with mobility impairments.

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