The Pop the Vote Changemakers have been selected

After a widespread open call across Europe to search for Changemakers, 52 young artists and student artists aged 18-30, have been selected to use art and culture as tools to mobilise citizens across 14 countries to participate in the 2024 European Parliamentary Elections.

The diverse group of Changemakers, among which are also three young artists from Slovenia, have an average age of 26, and represent countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. The Changemakers encompass a wide range of artistic disciplines, from visual designers to a large number of dance and choreography applicants, as well as a mix of musicians and composers, representing both contemporary and classical ends of the spectrum. In addition, a part of the Changemakers have a background in theatre and dramaturgy, film, cinematography, photography and videography.

For upcoming updates on the Pop the Vote! project follow Pop the Vote! on social media.

In February 2024, these Changemakers will all travel to Belgium to participate in the Changemakers’ Playground Camp, a one-week training programme focusing on artivism, campaigning and the use of artistic expression as a political language. The Playground Camp will be facilitated by Artivist Network, a collective of arts activists and facilitators.

While in Belgium, Changemakers will have the opportunity to meet with Philipp Schulmeister, Director for Campaigns at the European Parliament, to understand more how their engagement and campaigning for the elections can influence the future of the EU.

A Pop the Vote! toolkit will be made publicly available on Culture Action Europe website in early Spring 2024 so that other artists across Europe can have access to tools and resources to support any of their own Elections-focused projects and campaigns they may be working on. Pop the Vote! platform will be offered to share artistic projects that promote participation in the 2024 Parliamentary Elections.

For upcoming updates on the Pop the Vote! project follow Pop the Vote! on social media.

Pop the Vote: Culture on Ballot” encourages active engagement of European citizens around the 2024 European Parliamentary Elections through culture.


  • May 2023: Public launch of the project on Europe Day 2023
  • September 2023: Open Call for Changemakers
  • February 2024: Changemakers’ Playground Camp
  • May 2024: Pop the Vote Campaign and Changemakers Act
  • June 2024: EU Parliamentary Elections
As a partner of Pop the Vote project, Motovila has enabled the participation of young artists from Slovenia and continues to act as a local connecting point as well as helps spreading the word about the project’s activities.

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