Resources from the Cultural Mobility Forum 2024

On the Move organized the third yearly Cultural Mobility Forum in Wales (25-26 April 2024), hosted by Wales Arts International and live streamed by HowlRound.

The 2024 Cultural Mobility Forum aimed to imagine new horizons for professional development programmes with an international dimension. By ‘professional development programme’, OTM means a set of activities such as individual or collective training courses, masterclasses, coaching and mentoring sessions, or creative apprenticeship opportunities that enable artists and culture professionals to enhance their practice and invest in skills that will help them build a sustainable professional pathway.

If you could not attend the event or missed one of the panels live or online in Wales, you may find many resources and materials, including recordings, on On the Move website.

The Cultural Mobility Forum was connected to data analysis and the articles included in the Cultural Mobility Yearbook 2024With training and professional development as its framework, this publication looks back on activity in 2023 in order to get a picture of where the international cultural mobility sector stands today, and a sense of where it might be heading next. Along the way, it also checks in on trends in digital mobility. In the second section of the Yearbook, two writers, Birgitta Persson and Vânia Rodrigues, give a personal perspective on the subject of training and professional development.

Photo: Iolo Penry Photography-Iolo Penri Ffotograffiaeth. From left to right: Katelijn Verstraete, Marwane Fachane and Kim-Marie Spence (panel 3).

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