Host: KUD Mreža (
Disciplines: Musical, visual and intermedia arts
Location: AKC Metelkova mesto (Hlev building), Ljubljana

Studio Asylum is located in the autonomous cultural centre Metelkova mesto in Ljubljana. It is primarily intended for artists working in the fields of music, visual and intermedia arts. It arose out of necessity, at the end of 2006, when the team of the Art Institute was forced to leave its premises in Goričko and seek temporary ‘asylum’ in Metelkova. After the team returned to Goričko, Studio Asylum started to perform guest residences of foreign artists, thus contributing to the diverse creative atmosphere of Metelkova mesto.

Since 2010, longer residency programs have been attended by more than 35 artists, who presented their final work in the form of an exhibition, concert, sound recording, performance, lecture, workshop, research, specific assignments, etc.

Residents are selected with invitations to participate in a specific project, via the application form and once a year (in March) KUD Mreža publish an open call for the program ‘Artist on a Work Challenge’, which is intended for artists that reside outside of Ljubljana. E.g. see the publication of the call ‘Artist on a Work Challenge’ 2021.

Studio Asylum welcomes artists also from other artistic disciplines, as well as other artists and cultural workers. Art residencies can last a maximum of three months, and the best time to host is from spring to autumn.

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