Slovenian Book Agency Open Calls for translations

The Slovenian Book Agency (Javna agencija za knjigo RS – JAK) will co-finance applicants registered abroad that will translate works originally written in Slovenian language and meet the Call criteria. JAK will also co-finance translation of works, written in other languages, when author is a part of Slovenian cultural environment, into foreign languages. Three open calls are available:

(i) Call for proposals for funding of cultural projects to co-finance the printing costs of translations of original Slovene works in foreign languages for the year 2022 (JR12–TRUBAR–2022). Deadline: 31 August.

(ii) Call for the selection of cultural projects in the field of translation into foreign languages for 2022 (JR5–P–2022). Deadline: 31 August.

(iii) Call for Proposals for the translation and publication of books by Slovenian authors in foreign languages (JR4–FRANKFURT–P-2022). Deadline: 28 October.

More information on JAK open calls here.

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