EFFEA Residency Call #3 – few days left to apply

Around 50 residencies EFFEA – European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists will be selected, involving 50 emerging artists in collaboration with a minimum of 2 festivals from different countries.

All arts festivals from the EU member states, Creative Europe, and other included countries registered on FestivalFinder.eu are invited to apply.

Deadline application: 19 March 2024.

Find out here how to apply.

There are two residency categories you can apply to:

1. Discovery: Festivals take an early career artist(s) with exceptional talent and ready to break through internationally under their wings. Approximately 40 grants of 8.000€ will be attributed to this category.

2. Springboard: Festivals take a mid-career artist(s) established in their own country and ready to develop their career internationally under their wings. Approximately 10 grants of 15.000€ will be attributed to this category.

Deadline application: 19 March 2024.
For more information visit EFFEA webiste.

The EFFEA Residency is an artist-in-residence programme co-produced by a leading festival and at least two partner festivals, each from a different eligible country. It provides emerging artists the opportunity to explore their ideas and creative projects, whether original works or the evolution of existing ones, by providing them with dedicated time, space, and support. Within this framework, artists forge intimate ties with festival programmers, emphasising a commitment beyond a singular presentation. The goal is to establish lasting and meaningful connections between artists, festivals, and audiences.

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