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We are committed to the transfer of knowledge and better conditions for artists and cultural workers. We understand the Slovenian cultural and audio-visual ecosystem. We strive to be a (national) entry point that provides comprehensive support for the mobility of artists and cultural workers. We have a professional team and a network of domestic and foreign partnerships that allow us to access and transfer mobility information. Our activities also involve informing and collaborating with decision-makers, as well as raising awareness among them.

Since 2014, we have hosted 287 domestic and foreign experts, and promoted Slovenian artists 115 times in 30 foreign countries.

Motovila is a member of the On the Move – Cultural Mobility Information Network and associate MIP – Mobility Information Points.

In September 2022, Motovila is organising an international Forum “Creativity for Sustainability” (28 Sept.) and with On the Move a workshop for cultural mobility developers (26-28 Sept.).

Our partners

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