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You´re an artist or a culture professional working across borders?
We provide you with advice on administrative challenges.

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About MIP?

About us

Mobility Information Points (MIP) are information centres who aim to tackle the administrative challenges artists and cultural professionals can face when working across borders.

MIPs are central contact points for artists and culture professionals as well as organisations hosting or collaborating with them (producers, managers, curators, artistic companies or ensembles, venues, festivals, residency spaces, etc.) when it comes to administrative issues of international mobility in relation to their respective countries (visas, social security, taxation, customs rules etc.).

Important: The MIP only provide general information and advice. They cannot provide letters of invitation or intent. They cannot influence decisions by their governments or embassies.


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With support

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We offer free, accurate and reliable mobility-related information and services to individuals and organizations in all artistic and cultural disciplines, including the audio-visual field.


We strengthen the connection with the cultural and creative sectors, and raise awareness of their needs.



We provide users and decision-makers with various forms of information and administrative support through different channels (directly and indirectly)


We provide information based on networking with additional sources, e.g. experts, (international) events, publications


We exchange of resources and information in the European and international context with international institutions in the field of mobility (e.g. On the Move, MIPs).


Information portals and help desks at a European level are important to support the mobility of citizens within the EU: EURES, Your Europe AdviceSOLVITEurope Direct centresCreative Europe Desks.

Mip A In Ljubljana 2023 ©motovila Photo By Katja Goljat Kat4905


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MIP Network


Mobility Information Points

MIPs cooperate to share resources in the European and international context, covering issues such as visas, social security, taxation, and customs rules. MIPs are members of the On the Move, the cultural mobility network that advocates for fairer and more responsible mobility in the arts and cultural sector.

MIPs currently exist in 8 EU countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, and The Netherlands), as well as in the United Kingdom and the USA.


Art-Mobility Austria



Czech Republic

CzechMobility.Info (hosted by Arts and Theatre Institute)




touring artists (cooperation project of the ITI – German Centre, the Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste / IGBK (International Association of Art in Germany), and the German Dance Association – Dachverband Tanz Deutschland)




Loja Lisboa Cultura



United States


United Kingdom

Arts Infopoint UK (hosted by Arts Council of Wales/Wales Arts International, in cooperation with Arts Council England, Arts Council Northern Ireland, Creative Scotland)

Associate MIPs – in the process of developing information and/or consultation services: some organisations are currently considering becoming an MIP and attend some meetings. These include OTM members Scensverige in Sweden and the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute – ZRTI in Poland.

Contact MIP in your destination country:

On the Move

 MIPs are all members of On the Move’s network.

On the Move is the international information network dedicated to artistic and cultural mobility, gathering 66 members from 24 countries. Since 2002, On the Move has provided regular, up-to-date and free information on mobility opportunities, conditions and funding, and advocates for the value of cross-border cultural mobility.

Motovila is OTM and MIP member. Mateja Lazar from Motovila is OTM board member.


Our collection of articles provides information on administrative procedures on various topics related to international mobility and cross-border work: visas, residence and work permits, insurance, social security, transport and customs, taxation, copyright …

Work in progress: soon to be updated with new articles.


EU nationals need a valid identity card or passport to enter Slovenia. However, some third-country nationals must obtain a visa or residence permit before entering Slovenia.

Residence and work permit

EU nationals generally do not need a work permit to work in another EU country. Non-EU nationals need a single residence and work permit to stay and work in Slovenia.

Health insurance

Adequate health insurance is one of the conditions for being granted a residence permit.

Social security

Although each country regulates social security benefits in its own way, there are also a number of supranational rules designed to ensure social protection when you work or live in another country.


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Information for artists and culture professionals working across borders.


Motovila’s “growing database” of artist-in-residence (AiR) programmes in Slovenia presents AiR programmes or spaces run/managed by Slovenian organisations.

Motovila, as a member of the On the Move and MIP, contributes to the international exchange of resources and information. In this way, we contribute to the promotion of opportunities for international cooperation and mobility. At the same time, we want to encourage networking and the exchange of good (sustainable) practices between domestic AiR programme providers.

The AiR database by Motovila was launched as a result of a workshop in June 2021 with DutchCulture / TransArtists to improve the competences of providers and standards of cultural residency programmes in Slovenia.


We are committed to knowledge transfer and better conditions for artists and cultural workers.

We inform, raise awareness and involve decision-makers in our activities.



We understand Slovenian and international cultural and audiovisual ecosystem.



We have a professional team and a network of partners at home and abroad to access and transfer information on mobility. We are members of On the Move and MIP. Mateja Lazar from Motovila the OTM Board member.


Culture mobility

We inform about opportunities for international cultural cooperation. For example, take a look at the On the Move Funding Guides, which include a wide range of call opportunities, including grants, residencies, etc. for cultural mobility.


We promote international and cross-sectoral cooperation in the cultural and creative sectors.

International mobility is an essential part of the process of internationalisation and development of the cultural and creative sectors. In the new social and economic context, it is more difficult to access, but it remains crucial for the development of a creative career – it is linked to learning, acquiring competences, building sustainable partnerships and creating.

Motovila is a non-governmental institute aimed at promoting transnational and cross-sectoral cooperation in the cultural and creative sectors. We implement information, advisory, training, networking, promotion and research activities dedicated to empower representatives of the cultural and creative sectors and facilitate their (inter)national connections.

Motovila hosts Creative Europe Desk Slovenia (CED Slovenia).

The MIP service is also supported by the Ministry of Culture and the City of Ljubljana.

Funding for international cooperation and mobility

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