MIP-Amplifier: a project to amplify the actions of Mobility Info Points

The project MIP-Amplifier (MIP-A) aims to facilitate and optimise the mobility in the EU of artists and culture professionals, by supporting, in a more documented and visible way, reliable, free and accessible tailor-made information. The project covers all arts and cultural sectors.

The project’s leader is On the Move, together with two Mobility Info Points (MIPs), members of On the Move, Motovila (Slovenia) and touring artists (Germany).

The project MIP-A is supported by ECAS-European Citizen Action Service, part of a financial support to third parties (re-granting) scheme under the grant agreement 101104626 of which ECAS is beneficiary for its EURECA 2023 project.

The project has three main objectives:
1. To empower recent MIPs to strengthen their capacity to better serve the sector in all its diversity and to help develop potential new MIPs in other EU countries, through a MIP handbook that would contribute to strengthening coherent and coordinated actions among existing and future MIPs. This MIP handbook (or knowledge transfer tool) will be conceptualised through a training in Ljubljana on 11-13 September 2023.

2. To reinforce the visibility of MIPs and their related action through a dedicated landing page and microsite that provides easily accessible information and tailor-made support to artists and culture professionals, while redirecting them to the relevant MIP and/or key resources. The website will be active and online from 20 November 2023.

3. To advocate for fairer access to rights and information for mobile artists and culture professionals, through a first consolidated data report, compiled through a new data collection tool, that would inform further policies at EU and national levels.

The project is expected to culminate in a MIP workshop in Brussels on 20 November 2023, coupled with a presentation of the project results on 21 November 2023 to EU and national official representatives, European cultural networks and advocacy platforms.

The project’s timeframe is from June till December 2023.

See the complete list of ECAS supported projects here.

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