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Developing a 360-degree audience strategy

Event date 25/08/2020 • 10:00  −  04/11/2020 • 13:00
Entry FeeFee / 75 EUR

Join our online workshop series this autumn to enable you to produce or update your audience strategy.

Whether your goal is to build awareness, reach more people, diversify the range of people included in your audience, grow earned income, or have a deeper impact for society, this programme of support will help you craft a strategy that works for you.

We will tailor it to ensure people from different size organisations (with a range of different budgets and time allocations) can all benefit.

The event will be held in English.


Online workshop series with Julie Aldridge


25 Aug. / 15 Sept. / 7 Oct. / 4 Nov.

Registration closed

Each session will include:

• Presentation, insight and advice from our trainer, Julie Aldridge

• Practical exercises for you and your colleague/s to carry out during the session with support from Julie

If attending with your colleagues we will allocate you an online breakout room to enable you to work on your ideas together in a private space (you don’t all need to be in the same place for this to work).

If attending by yourself, we will match you with a group of others attending individually to support one another with the exercises.

• Discussion with participants from other organisations to share ideas and spark new thinking

Online workshop series:

#1 Defining your shared audience vision:
25th August 2020, 10am – 1pm

#2 Developing useful audience insight:
15th September 2020, 10am – 1pm

#3 Creating an open, responsive culture:
7th October 2020, 10am – 1pm

#4 Producing a 360-degree audience strategy:
4th November 2020, 10am – 1pm

Please note that while you can just book for one or two sessions, the workshops will build on one another. If you attend all four, by the end of the process you’ll have the outline of your new (or refreshed) audience strategy in place.

REGISTRATION: The number of packages including all 4 sessions is limited to 10 organizations to enable time for one-to-one support during the training process. However, as many people from your organisation can attend as you like, for just one fee of 75 EUR* for the package including all 4 sessions. We recommend that two (or even more) representatives from the same organization attend, and that at least one team representative attends all 4 sessions.

The registration fee for each individual workshop is 50 EUR*, while participation at the last workshop (Nov. 4) is possible only for those attending at all three previous workshops.

*Actual value of the series is 560 EUR. Motovila offers you more than 80% discount and contributes to the development of your organization.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: until Monday, August 24, 2020 by 12 noon or until there are places available.
The registration fee for a package of 4 workshops needs to be paid via bank account before the first workshop or no later than Monday, Aug. 24. 2020 until 12 noon. Send the order form or data required to issue the invoice to info[at]

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Ines Kežman, ines.kezman[at]

Session no. 1: Defining your shared audience vision
25th August 2020, 10am – 1pm

An online co-working session to help you and your colleagues develop or refresh your audience vision and goals.

This workshop will kick-start the process of creating or refreshing your strategy. Providing advice, inspiration and ideas to help you create a shared (organisation-wide) vision for audiences.

It will help you develop and adapt your answers to important questions, such as:
• What is the purpose of your audience strategy and what are your priorities?
• What is the scale of your ambition?
• Who do you want to reach and engage?
• What do you hope your audience will do / think / feel?
• What difference do you want to make for people?
• How does this audience vision support and integrate with your artistic / organisational vision?

Session no. 2: Developing useful audience insight
15th September 2020, 10am – 1pm

An online co-working session to help you and your colleagues develop useful audience insight.

To thrive, you need to connect to the public, to listen to their needs and values, and understand how these might be changing. This workshop will help you plan an approach to capturing the insight needed across your organisation, taking into account your ambition for audiences, your capacity and budget.

• Explore how audience behaviour, attitudes and expectations may have changed in the current climate
• Identify what you know and don’t know about your audience and potential audience
• Prioritise the gaps to address to build a deeper understanding of your audience
• Plan how to fill those gaps to gain insight that will inform your strategic planning
• Consider how you might listen more to the needs and values of potential audiences

Session no. 3: Creating an open, responsive culture
7th October 2020, 10am – 1pm

An online co-working session to help you adapt your organisational culture and become more audience-focused.

Once you know where you want to get to (your audience vision) and where you are now (your audience insight), you need to influence change across your organisation to respond to that insight and achieve your goals.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to:
• review how you work as a team to develop audience relationships;
• plan new ways of working that will improve your impact for audiences and your vision;
• plan experiments with your colleagues to learn how best to achieve your audience goals e.g. to grow or diversify your audience or to encourage people to try something new within your programme.

Session no. 4: Producing a 360-degree audience strategy
4th November 2020, 10am – 1pm

An online co-working session to help you develop your audience strategy.

This workshop will help you create / update your audience strategy for the current climate, with input from across your organisation.

We will:
• explore different styles of audience strategy and explore what might work best for your organisation, your audience goals, and your resources;
• create an outline framework for your plan;
• allow time for you to work on areas of the strategy that are most important to you with support from our trainer;
• explore how to further develop and enhance strategies across departments.

About the lecturer:

Julie Aldridge is a consultant based in the UK specialising in business planning, marketing strategy, and organisational development. She works with a diverse mix of clients from across the arts, heritage and cultural sector. Julie supports leaders and teams to devise new strategies to achieve their ambitions, helping them matter more to people, and develop as relevant and resilient organisations. Prior to becoming a consultant, Julie was Executive Director of the Arts Marketing Association (AMA) for over a decade.

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