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A Plan B for the Cultural Policies of European Cities

The purpose of this series of online discussions is for representatives of various European cities to exchange their experiences in providing support to artists, cultural creators and organizations during the crisis brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Examples of good practices can serve as a model and a stimulus for European cities at a time when cultural entities must find new ways to operate.

The series of online discussions is organized by the City of Ljubljana and the Motovila Institute (CED Slovenia) in cooperation with members of the European network of Creative Europe Desks. Ljubljana is a candidate city for European Capital of Culture 2025.

First online event titled Integrating a Plan B into Cultural Strategies of European Cities (22nd June 2020) in a series of online discussions on the cultural policies of European cities in the current crisis and beyond has focused on short-term measures and long-term considerations of culture strategies. We have hosted experts and officials from Novi Sad (Vuk Radulović), Lisbon (Alexandra Sabino) and Ljubljana (Mateja Demšič), sharing their insight into various aspects of the position of culture in urban development during and after the crisis. Ragnar Siil, an international cultural policy expert, has moderated the online discussion. Watch video here.

The second online discussion within the PLAN B cycle, dedicated to the cultural policies of European cities in the context of ongoing crisis, has focused on the relation between culture and space (1 October 2020). We have hosted experts and officials from Kaunas (Ana Kočegarova), Rijeka (Irena Kregar Šegota) and Ljubljana (Nevenka Koprivšek) sharing their thoughts on unpredictable future, when cooperation is vital … also in using (public) space for culture. Ragnar Siil has moderated the online discussion. Watch video here.

The event was part of the IETM Multi-location Plenary Meeting 2020 taking place both online and physical activities from 1 to 2 October in more than twenty different locations in the world. The local Plenary meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia, was hosted by Glej Theatre.

Motovila Planb#3 Digital Shift In Culture Nov2020The third online discussion within the PLAN B cycle focused on accelerated digital shift in culture. Moderated by Ragnar Siil, this session focused on an intensely accelerated digital shift that affected also the cultural and creative sectors, and hosted guest speakers from Conventry (Tony Guillan), Tartu (Kalle Paas) and Ljubljana (Simon Kardum). We sincerely recommend you to watch the entire discussion – you will not regret it! Report is available here.

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